Hot Oxygen Doppler Imager (HODI)
Assembly and test of the Hot Oxygen Doppler Imager (HODI) at the Jenny Jump FPI Observatory (JJO) (40.92N, 74.9W). (A) Filter wheel assembly, FPI etalon, apochromatic lens assembly, Andor 934 1024x1024 CCD camera. (B) Double axis articulated mirror system.

Scientific objectives
To study the ion-neutral coupling of the F-region plasma to the upper thermosphere by measuring the Doppler shifts and Doppler broadenings of both the OI 630 nm and the OII (O+) 732 nm spectral profiles. A filter wheel driven by the Animatic Smart Motor 23165 provides for wavelength selection of the spectral feature to be observed.

Owner: Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research,
New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
Contacts John Meriwether and Andrew Gerrard
PI: John Meriwether
Address: 101 Tiernan Hall
323 Martin Luther King Boulevard
CSTR/NJIT, Newark, NJ 07102-1982

Instrument specifications
Manufacturer: Clemson University
Name: HODI - Hot Oxygen Doppler Imager
SkyScanner - double axis Smart Motor articulation

Fabry-Perot etalon: 1.4925 cm gap, 120 mm clear aperture, 300 mm focal length, 12 and 11 rings imaged respectively for 630 nm and 732 nm; broad band reflectivity, 78%

Spatial coverage: Multi-directional with 3 degree FOV
Detector: Back Illuminated Andor 934 CCD 1024x1024 pixels
Time resolution: 30 s for 630 nm 120 s for 732 nm
Cooling: -79 deg.; 16 bits resolution
Filter wheel (4 x 5 inch diameter apertures):
[CH1] 630 nm, BP 0.8 nm
[CH2] open
[CH3] 732 nm BP 0.8 nm
[CH4] open